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Devialet Phantom Loudspeakers

Synergistic Research Black Box

MAGICO S7 Speaker System

Soulution 711 Power Amplifier

Soulution 725 Preamplifier

SONY VPL-VW300ES 4K Projector

Synergistic Research HFT 2.0, HFT X's

Sony 4K TV's - C series

Berkeley Audio Design Reference DAC

GoldenEar Triton Five

REL 212SE, T/9i, T/7i & T/5i subwoofers

Synergistic Research Grounding Block

McIntosh MX160 Surround Processor

JL Audio Dominion Subwoofers

Epson Pro Cinema LS 10000 Projector

We serve the music lover next door to Hollywood's Elite. See what makes us different from other high-end dealers!


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JUSTIN J  2/8/2012          

I've been into high-end audio for ten years, and Scott Walker of Scott Walker Audio is the finest dealer in Orange County hands down..... Read More

ALEX E  5/24/2012        

My experience with Scott Walker Audio has been just wonderful and very exciting I am a young audiophile and..... Read More

KEVIN D  4/16/2013      

it seems like his main interest is in customer service and I would feel very confident ordering something from him in the future..... Read More



"This beautifully engineered and exquisitely manufactured trio sits right at the top of the tube electronics pyramid. And yet the odd thing is that, in certain key ways, it doesn’t sound all that traditionally “tubey.” Yes, of course, it has what you would expect from tubes in the way of beautiful tone color from top to bottom. But it also has what you wouldn’t expect (or wouldn’t expect to this extent): speed, grip, and definition, particularly in the bottom octaves." - Jonathan Valin     ...Read More

VAC Statement Line Preamp -- VAC Statement Phono Preamp --

VAC Statement 450 iQ Monoblock Amplifiers





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Robert Harley gives strong review of Scott Walker Audio's room @

T.H.E. Show Newport 2015

"Retailer Scott Walker Audio and Synergistic Research teamed up to show the Magico S5 in a room that felt as though it were the size of an aircraft hanger. Despite the hostile acoustic environment, I can say that I’ve never heard S5s sound so spectacular. Synergistic demonstrated the effects of their room-treatment products, and although some are head-scratchers, they made an obvious audible improvement"...Read More

McIntosh MX160 Home Theater Processor AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER

"The MX160 audio/video processor brings McIntosh-quality 4K to your home theater for the first time ever. The newest MX-series processor supports the latest in digital audio and video technologies available and yet to come....Read More