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Synergistic Research Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Power Cord

MAGICO M6 Loudspeaker System

Synergistic Research Powercell 12 UEF SE

GoldenEar Triton Reference Speakers

Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Ref. 2 MQA

Acoustic Signature Turntables

VAC Signature 200 iQ Amplifiers

Constellation Audio - Revelation Series

Artesania Audio Racks

Rogue Audio Sphinx & Cronus Mag. V2

Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3's

EAT C-Sharp Turntable

ELAC UniFi - UF5 Floorstanding Speaker

Soulution 511 Amplifier & 520 Preamplifier

Synergistic Research UEF Panels - UEF Dots

Sony 4K HDR-Z9D with Android TV

REL 212SE, T/9i, T/7i & T/5i subwoofers

Synergistic Research Galileo UEF Cables

McIntosh MA9000 Integrated Amplifier


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IRV A  8/17/2016          

Just got new speakers from Scott Walker Audio. Superb customer service. Really really really recommended!..... Read More

Chris K 9/19/2016        

Scott Walker and his team (Josh and Woody) provided us with excellent design, installation and support services for our AV systems..... Read More

STEVEN G. 5/16/2016      

I rate Scott Walker Audio 5 stars! Why? - A few days later Scott came to my home, which is nearly an hour drive from his shop on a good day, with a truck filled with the demo equipment I chose.... Read More



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We have 6 dedicated listening rooms filled with the finest 2-channel audio & Home Theater gear available. Brands such as: McIntosh, Bowers & Wilkins, JL Audio, Rogue Audio, Constellation, Berkeley Audio Design, VAC, MAGICO, Soulution, Synergistic Research, GoldenEar, Artesania Audio, REL, Aurender...








Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference 2 Now Playing MQA!

NEW - Synergistic Research Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Power Cord!

The unprecedented resolution of the Alpha DAC Reference Series allowed Berkeley Audio Design to develop analog circuits and digital algorithms that achieve completely new levels of realism in the Alpha DAC Reference Series 2. The only way to understand the level of excellence of the Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 is to hear it.

Now playing in MQA!




GoldenEar Triton Reference Speakers Have Arrived!

Synergistic Research Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Power Cord!

It has a linear electromagnetic cell in the form of a handmade Pure Silver ribbon laminate that runs the length of the cable, two electromagnetic cells inside the carbon fiber housing, including a Swiss made power supply. Conductors are 6-gauge 99.9999% pure mono crystal silver totaling 6 gauge. Only 100 SR25 power cords will be made! Get them while you can! This cable is the power cord against which all others will be measured for years to come.

The Triton Reference is an evolution of everything that we have achieved with the Triton One, but taken to a stunning new level of sonic performance and sophisticated visual design. All the components in the Reference - the active sub-bass drivers, upper-bass/midrange drivers, and high-velocity folded ribbon tweeter - are new, and have been specifically developed for use in the Reference. The fully balanced crossover is, of course, specially engineered for the Reference, and the powerful subwoofer amplifier and 56-bit DSP control unit are an evolution of those used in the Triton One and our SuperSubs.