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The inspiration for the Acoustic ART system came from lead designer Ted Denney. During his sabbatical, Ted visited Buddhist Temples and observed how Tibetan Prayer Bowls altered temple acoustics. These singing bowls affected a sudden shift in acoustics whenever they were activated, and when additional bowls of varying tone were also activated, the acoustics continued to change. Denney reasoned that a system of resonating bowls could be developed to discreetly treat room acoustics without the need for large unsightly tuning devices.


However, it wasn’t until after Denney returned to the mainland and developed Synergistic Research’s TESLA Series cables that he revisited the idea of treating room acoustics with resonating bowls. Research began by studying Helmholtz resonators, which have been used for over a century to tune low frequencies in an acoustic environment. They worked to modify Helmholtz resonator principles to incorporate the full spectrum of sound; not just low frequencies. Denney found that they could tune music with a system of resonators working together in harmony at key acoustic pressure points. Further research led to several patents. The first deals with the use of magnets to contour activation and decay properties of the Vibratron and Magnetron Satellite resonators. The second includes a new resonator shape called the Vibratron that radiates in a 360-degree pattern over a scientifically arrived at frequency range. The third utilizes a unique dispersion baffle to precisely control how the Bass Station resonator affects a rooms’ low frequency acoustics. Later Denney discovered that using spikes to mechanically couple the Bass Station to a room further enhances control of low frequencies (the Bass Station’s Stilettos). The accumulation of these scientific principals sets the Acoustic ART (Analogue Room Treatment) System apart from all other room tuning methods.








Available finishes:

- Maple

- Dark Walnut



- Acoustic Art bāsik Complete system: $500 -- w/ Bass Station $750

- Acoustic Art Complete System: $3,515

- Vibratron: $365

- Bass Station: $750

- Satellite: $300 -- Gravitron / Magnitron


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