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Four years after the release of the K-01—the world’s leading all-in-one digital player—the new K-01X debuts as a more compact version of Esoteric’s flagship Grandioso model. Utilizing the same type of highly rigid chassis construction as the Grandioso and a similar four-transformer power supply, it integrates the Grandioso P1’s high-precision VRDS-NEO “VMK-3.5-20S” turntable with two independent monaural DAC units derived from the Grandioso D1 design, each configured with a parallel array of 8 individual converters, which are summed to optimize linearity and minimize noise.


Electronic circuitry has also been further improved with the latest technologies, including a new AK4495S DAC IC, an advanced 35-bit D/A processing algorithm, an HCLD buffer amp, a DSD-compatible USB interface, and a large, low phase noise clock, all ensuring the K-01X achieves the absolute pinnacle of sound quality.


The USB input supports asynchronous transmission and rates up to 2.8/5.6 MHz DSD and 384 kHz/32-bit PCM. Esoteric’s original PC driver software achieves outstanding playback of even studio-master-quality source files. DoP and ASIO 2.1 are also supported.


The drive employs proven Esoteric technologies, including a high-flux-density magnet-driven coreless three-phase brushless spindle motor, a thread feed control derived from the thinking behind the P-0, and a shaft-sliding pickup which consistently illuminates the disk with a precisely perpendicular beam of laser light. Additionally, the disc tray features a silent shutter mechanism* that further ensures the ultimate in operating precision.


The D/A converter uses the same design philosophy as our Grandioso D1. Incorporating Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation’ s 32-bit AK4495S DAC IC and MUSES 02 operational amplifier,* this exceptional DAC uses 8 parallel/differential circuits with 16 outputs driving each channel to achieve outstanding linearity and low distortion.


Like the Grandioso D1, this D/A converter also features fully independent power transformers and power supply circuits for each channel to create a true dual mono configuration. The generous power supply capacity and total channel separation enabled by this arrangement provides excellent dynamics, with realistic stereo imaging and exceptional resolution of fine detail.




• Output impedance: XLR: 40Ω, RCA: 10Ω

• Maximum output level (1 kHz, full scale, 10 k ohms): XLR (Gain: 0 dB): XLR: 4.8Vrms, RCA: 2.4Vrms

• Frequency response: 5Hz to 40kHz (-3dB)

• Signal-to-noise ratio (S/N): 117dB

• Total harmonic distortion: 0.0006% (1kHz)

• Coaxial RCA jack x 1: 0.5 Vp-p/75 ohms

• Coaxial RCA connector x 1: (input impedance 75 ohms)

• Optical digital connector x 1: -24.0 to -14.5 dBm peak

• USB port B connector: USB 2.0 / 192 kHz-24 bit async.

• Power supply: USA/CANADA AC 120 V, 60 Hz

• Power consumption: 27W

• External dimensions (W x H x D): 445 x 162 x 438 mm (17 1/4" x 6" 3/8 x 13 1/4") (including protrusions)

• Weight: 31 kg (68 3/8 lbs)

• Accessories: Remote control unit (RC-1315) x 1, Batteries (AA) x 2, Power cord set x 1, Felt pads x 3, Owner's manual x 1, Warranty card x 1


MSRP $ 20,000.00


If you are interested in this product or have questions, please call 1-714-630-4100.