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Credited as the finest loudspeaker in GoldenEar’s Triton line, the series’ newest member, the Triton Reference has caught the eye of the audio world and consumers alike. With both massive and minuscule improvements to the Tritons before it, the Triton Reference stands alone from its lineage in both style and performance.


The Triton Reference combines GoldenEar’s standard woofers and tweeter, two active sub-bass drivers, and four passive radiators for a truly unique sound experience. A thick, steel plate forms part of the base of the speaker to provide dramatic stiffness and long-lasting strength to the model, and, just like the originals of the Triton line, the Triton Reference has a custom crossover and a totally balanced circuit for a smooth sounding quality. The Reference’s cabinet contains damping materials crafted from a unique stew of Dacron and long-fiber lamb’s wool for a revolutionary effect. Design-wise, the Reference’s almost two-toned skin also individualizes it from the rest of the line. The Triton Reference produces a listening experience that is almost mirrors a surround-sound feeling, with powerful bass and timbre that is very true to the rest of the Triton family. The speaker’s dominating appearance and sound quality makes it the perfect addition to any music room.









US MSRP $8,498/pair



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