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You need - exact equalization of the input signal - which can only be achieved by using high-precision components in the equalizer of the Phono amplifier. Therefore, A.S. measures each single part with high-precision measuring instruments. The values of the components used are hand selected here on a deviation of less than 1%! For the two stereo channels also, always-identical pairs are to ensure perfect equal channels. All these efforts are done to get an almost entirely linear output voltage from the Tango ULTIMATE. A.S. uses a passive EQ network followed by an active network, which gives the best results.


Additionally - high, adjustable gain - The Signal delivered by the cartridge is very very low. The needed amplification also amplifies the noise and hum, which is naturally involved in any electronic device. A.S. is using specially designed devices, which have incredible low noise and accuracy, so the result is a very high gain amplifier with very low noise. All those carefully chosen devices are placed on the printed circuit board by using the latest CAD technology and star shaped mass technology. A power supply circuit supplies the sensitive amplifier circuit with filtered direct current. The output is an extremely fast Single ended Class-A Mosfet output stage with very low output impedance to drive any cable on the market to make sure the signal is transported to your amp no matter which cable you use in highest perfection.


All this is put into a rock solid housing milled out of a block Aluminum. This nonmagnetic housing is part of the shielding and ensures perfect sound quality.





• Dimensions: B x W x H 190x165x50mm

• Weight: 3kg

• Gain: 41dB for MM, 57dB for MC, and 69dB for MC-low selectable by the front knob


MSRP $ 3,500.00

If you are interested in this product, have questions, or want to schedule an audition, please call 1-714-630-4100.