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Solid Body tweeter

Milled from a solid block of aluminium, the solid body tweeter housing design creates an acoustically optimised housing for the tweeter – one that’s exceptionally inert and resistant to resonances.


Carbon Dome™ tweeter

Carbon Dome tweeters are a brand new technology purpose-built for the 700 Series. Delivering a dramatic improvement on the aluminium double-dome tweeter, they raise the breakup threshold to 47kHz, for pinpoint imaging accuracy and detail.


Continuum™ Cone

First introduced with the 800 Series Diamond, the Continuum cone represents the biggest step-change in midrange performance since Kevlar. Its woven, coated material provides highly controlled break-up, resulting in a more open, neutral midrange.


Decoupled midrange

The midrange driver in the floor-standers feature a decoupled design, adapted from a similar system in the 800 Series Diamond. Decoupling reduces cabinet colouration, and boosts midrange clarity.

MSRP: $4,500.00/pair



If you are interested in this product or have questions, please call 1-714-630-4100.


Technical features:

Decoupled Carbon Dome tweeter

Solid Body Tweeter on top

Continuum cone FST midrange

Decoupled midrange

Aerofoil profile bass cones



3-way vented-box system

Drive units:

1x ø25mm (1 in) Decoupled Carbon Dome high-frequency1x ø150mm (6 in) Continuum cone FST midrange3x ø165mm (6.5 in) Aerofoil profile bass

Frequency range:

-6dB at 28Hz and 33kHz

Frequency response:

45Hz - 28kHz ±3dB


90dB spl (2.83Vrms, 1m)

Harmonic distortion:

2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m)

<1% 86Hz - 28kHz

<0.5% 110Hz - 20kHz

Nominal impedance:

8Ω (minimum 3.1Ω)

Recommended amplifier power:

30W - 300W into 8Ω on unclipped programme


Height: 39 in cabinet only    42.8 in including tweeter and plinth

Width: 7.9 in cabinet only    14.4 in including plinth

Depth: 13.3 in cabinet only  14.3 in inc. grille and terminals

Net weight: 65 lbs.

Finishes Cabinet:


Gloss Black

Satin White



Grey (Satin White only)

Satin White