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Galileo UEF cables are hand crafted in our California factory and feature Uniform Energy Field geometries with pure silver and tungsten conductors, air dielectrics, graphene a near super conductor at room temperature and precious metal EM and UEF Cells encased in carbon fiber for resonance control. The absolute cutting edge of SR Technology is employed in these new cables making them easily the most natural and best sounding cables we’ve every manufactured.


Galileo UEF Interconnect Cables:


NEW Galileo UEF Interconnects available in RCA and XLR terminations featuring Graphene and Pure Mono Crystal Silver conductors in an air dielectric. Internal UEF Shields can be easily connected direct to wall ground with supplied connectors or to the SR Ground Block for increased performance. Galileo UEF are the highest resolution, lowest noise floor and most holographic interconnects we’ve ever manufactured. Available for immediate in home audition Galileo is engineered to beat the world’s best cables regardless of cost.


Galileo UEF Interconnects feature 2 isolated UEF geometries for RCA and 5 isolated UEF geometries for XLR running in parallel through 2 Uniform Energy Field Cells comprised of precious metal laminates with Teflon and Silk dielectrics. Each cable is voiced with a single UEF Tuning Circuit per interconnect for 2 individual tuning options to ensure harmonically balanced system integration.

Galileo UEF Interconnect Specifications:


Uniform Energy Field Cells:


· Count- 2 UEF Cells per pair 

·  Internal Conductor Material- 99.999 Pure Silver, 99.9999 Pure Copper 

·  Dielectric- Teflon 

· Chassis Material- Carbon Fiber 


Air Strings:


·  Silver Air Strings- 99.999% pure silver signal conductors with a separate ground conductor from shield 

·  Graphene- a near super conductor at room temperature us used in signal propagation and shielding 

· Dielectric- Air (sealed) 

· Shielding- UEF Ground Plane System 

·  Geometry- three channel single ended / five channel balanced geometry 


Cable Count:


·  Each Pair of Galileo UEF Interconnects are actually 3 separate pair of cables for RCA and 5 separate pair of cables for XLR 




·  Synergistic Research Silver SR20 RCA or XLR 




· High Definition Ground Plane Wire System 


UEF Filtration:


Precious metals / Graphene / Silk and Teflon dielectric







 MSRP $7,500.00 – 1 Meter

 MSRP $9,100.00 – 2 Meter



 MSRP $9,500.00 – 1 Meter

 MSRP $11,500.00 – 2 Meter




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