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HFT 2.0: High Frequency Transducer

About the size of a shirt button, yet powerful enough to transform the way you experience music, HFT’s improve nearly all aspects of system and room performance. With HFT’s your speakers and room disappear leaving you with nothing but a live holographic musical event in your listening room, or living room. HFTs oscillate at high frequencies creating an energy field in your room that overpowers room vibrational distortions to correct phase and frequency interactions for harmonic balance in your treated room. You hear an increase in depth and width, with clearer more extended highs, and tighter bass. Everything sounds more live , clearer, and more natural than could ever imagine.


Expand your soundstage with the natural spacial and organic characteristics of live music by adding HFT 2.0 to your HFT set up. Simply replace some of your HFTs with HFT 2.0 and take your music to the next level.


Lauded by The Absolute Sound as the most significant products at 2013’s RMAF, Synergistic Research’s HFT and FEQ are affordable, indispensable additions to any audio system.  HFTs are very small high frequency horns about the size of a shirt button. They clarify high frequencies, improve low frequency control, lower noise floor, and generally expand the soundstage across all axes. HFTs can be used on many surfaces including speaker cabinets, walls, and even cables! The FEQ, using ground plane technology as found in SR’s Tranquility Base and PowerCell, adds even more low frequency definition, improves midrange clarity, expands layering within the soundstage, and when used in conjunction with HFTs completely enhances total system performance. A must have for any serious audiophile!


Product Description:


HFT 2.0:


  Dimensions: 8mm x 8mm, cylindrical

  Construction: Aluminum


Additional Information:


  HFTs come with Blu Tack for easy mounting to surfaces




  HFT 2.0 $299.00 (5 per pack)


If you are interested in this product or have questions, please call                           1-714-630-4100.