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The Magico M6 — current top-line, full-range, four-way dynamic loudspeaker, that cuts straight to the core of what we mean when we say something is a “true to the source”.  Machined of aluminum and brass, each M6 weighs 390 lbs, it must be understood from the inside to truly be appreciated. The M6 is a complex internal structure of multiple thick-walled chambers and 10 tubular truss rods that tightly secure the front baffle to the rear panel. The frame system alone is assembled from more than 50 machined parts. One sidewall is perforated by nearly 100 threaded holes. More than 350 fasteners of various types are associated with the cabinet even before the front-baffle assembly is affixed to it. The outer, a matte skin of anodized aluminum sports a pleasingly soft, muted industrial satin finish. Now let’s talk about the sonic aspects of the Magico M6: The M6's transient balance is unerringly correct and consistent from the lowest to the highest double-bass notes. It’s new tweeter is a marvel of speed, detail, and utter unfailing sweetness, making for some of the most gorgeous string and wind tone heard on a stereo system. A well-recorded double bass sounds harmonically and texturally more convincing through the M6 than through any other speaker. The sounds of the plucks have appropriately stringy, fleshy components. Magico M6’s are definitely one of the best speakers in the world.  Appropriately awarded “Product of the Year” by both Stereophile and absolute sound magazines 2012.

Product Description:


      Tweeter: (1) 1.10” Diamond-Coated Beryllium Dome

      Midrange: (1) 6” XG Nanographene Cone

      Bass: (3) 10.5” XG Nanographene Cone

      Sensitivity: 91 dB

      Impedance: 4 Ohms

      Frequency Response: 22Hz – 50kHz

      Recommended Power: 30 watts


Additional Information:


      Dimensions: 57”H x 26”D x 20”/15"W (143cm x 66cm x 51/38cm)

      Weight: 390 lbs. (177 kg)

      Ships in (2) two wood crates.  Shipping weight: 450 lbs per crate.




      $172,000.00 / pair




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