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Let’s just come out and say it:  The Magico Q1 is the highest-fidelity stand-mount speakers in the world. With the Q1, half of the story is in the cabinet and the other half is the in the blend of its 1" beryllium dome tweeter and its 7" NanoTec carbon-fiber-Rohacell-sandwich mid/bass woofer. The Q1 comes closer to sounding like a single-driver loudspeaker (on-axis) than any loudspeaker Magico has yet made. Through the Q1’s, the opening strains of drums, electric bass, and rhythm guitar fills the room. The Q1’s bass is every bit as tight and controlled as its “locked and loaded,” metronomic groove. The effect is magical -- like an electrostatic speaker with (better bass and large-scale dynamics) in a 9" by 14.2" by 14.2" package.  Above the bass range, the Q1 is a dynamo.  Because of the unusually smooth blend of tweeter and midbass woofer, that dynamism has lower distortion and a more civilized feel. Naturally, the Q1’s sound staging is spectacular.  It is vast, and the speakers simply disappear into the sound field. The Q1 performs its own magic trick, almost shocking in its ability to exceed expectations. This speaker is probably Magico’s most amazing speaker because so much “magic” emanates from such a small package.  Truly spectacular.

Product Description:


      (1) 1” Beryllium Tweeter

      (3) 7” NanoTec Mid/ Woofers

      Sensitivity: 86 dB

      Impedance: 5 Ohms

      Frequency Response: 32Hz to 50kHz +/-3dB

      Recommended Power: 50


Additional Information:


      Dimensions: 10" x  44" x 15.2" (on stands)

      Weight: 120 lbs. (including stands)

      Ships in one wood crate, 290 lbs total.




  •     $28,950.00 / pair (including dedicated stands) Magico Anodized finish

  •     $26,500.00 / pair (including dedicated stands) M-Cast finish


Available Finishes:

If you are interested in this product or have questions, please call 1-714-630-4100.