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MAGICO S1 MK2:  The S1 is the new floorstander by Magico.  It’s the Magico that fits into tighter spaces -- perfect for smaller listening rooms.  It’s two-way design features an extruded-aluminum cabinet and a pair of drivers: a 1" beryllium-dome tweeter -- the same one used in the company's S5 and a 7" Nano-Tec midbass woofer.  Overall, the S1 package is quite potent and very robust. The 95-pound weight is impressive. The quality of finish as can be expected is exemplary, and machining very precise. The outriggers provide very stable footing for the S1, and the spikes are quite tall so they dig deep into carpet. The small copper Magico logo on the bottom of the front baffle adds a touch of luxury. The sound of the S1’s: bass is powerful and free from overhang.  Midrange and highs are velvety smooth and extended.  The S1 is kind of like a little Rolex -- chunky and precisely made. In many ways the S1 makes for the perfect ‘now’ loudspeaker; highly accurate, designed for modern life.  Exquisite.  It is every bit a Magico – through and through – no compromises.  Interestingly, the speaker is at home with modest priced electronics or mega buck – mega systems.  Did we mention a very fine home cinema set up can be comprised of these and Magico’s SSC center channel?  Very, very impressive despite it’s small footprint.

Product Description:


      (1) 1" MBD7 Diamond Coated Beryllium Dome Tweeter

      (1) 7" M390G Graphene Nano-Tec Cone Midrange

      Sensitivity: 86dB

      Impedance: 4 Ohms

      Frequency Response: 32Hz – 50kHz

      Recommended Power: 50


Additional Information:


      Dimensions: 43"H x 8.5"D x 9.75"W

      Weight: 120 lbs. per speaker

      Ships in two boxes.




  •     $16,500.00 / pair (M-Cast finish)

      $20,295.00 / pair (M-Coat finish)




Available Finishes:

If you are interested in this product or have questions, please call 1-714-630-4100.