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The Magico S3 loudspeaker system is Magico’s newest speaker in the award winning S-series line.  This new design, which shares the same engineering philosophies of its family members, sits squarely between the S1 Mk II and the S5 Mk II.  This new speaker can be summed up in a few brief words; absolute, extreme, and pure. It is a full-range, floor standing loudspeaker that offers absolute cutting edge technology and absolute state-of-the-art performance.  From engineering and manufacturing perspectives, all aspects of the S3 Mk II is extreme.


Let’s begin with the cabinet. The S3 Mk II cabinet is an extruded (one single piece) aluminum enclosure, 3/8” thick.  To extrude a piece this size entails forcing a solid chunk of billet aluminum at extremely high pressure through a cutting dye, which produces a shell enclosure 3/8” thick, 12” in diameter, and 48” long – extremely impressive.  Next, an entirely new and proprietary midrange sub-enclosure, made of a polycarbonate material into a specific shape for acoustic properties, was developed and pushes the midrange purity to all new levels.  The crossover uses the most precise and exotic components currently available in the world -- some are 100 times as expensive as parts used in competitor’s designs.  But one quick listen and you’ll see why Magico goes to such extreme and absolute measures in choosing crossover parts.


The S3 Mk II, like all Magicos, is an acoustic suspension design.  The S3 Mk II employs two 9” M905G XG Nanographene Cone woofers to handle bass, a 6” M390G XG Nanographene Cone to handle midrange and a 1” MBD7 Diamond Coated Beryllium Dome tweeter to handle high frequencies.  This lethal combination of technology and drivers exceeds the performance of any competing design.  The all-new S3 Mk II is available in 6 M-CAST finishes as well as 6 M-COAT finishes.  The Magico S3 Mk II is an absolutely magnificent achievement!

Product Description:


      (1) 1” MBD7 Diamond Coated Beryllium Dome

      (1) 6” M390G XG Nanographene Cone

      (2) 9” M905G XG Nanographene Cone

      Sensitivity: 88dB

      Impedance: 4 Ohms

      Frequency Response: 24Hz – 50kHz

      Recommended Power: 50 – 500 watts


Additional Information:


      Dimensions: 48”H x 12”D x 12”W (122cm x 30cm x 30cm)

      Weight: 170 lbs. ea (77 kg)

      Ships in (2) two boxes.  Shipping weight: 170 lbs per box.




  •     $28,000.00 / pair (M-Cast finish)

      $32,000.00 / pair (M-Coat finish)


Available Finishes:

If you are interested in this product or have questions, please call 1-714-630-4100.