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The Magico Ultimate III is the truest path toward creating the realest sense of live music in your home.  The most striking aspect of the Ultimate’s sound is a palpability and immediacy which goes far beyond anything previously heard in reproduced music.  The illusion of the instruments actually being in the listening room is so tangible, its downright spooky.  This is not an incremental advance in realism; it’s an exponential one; a giant leap.  Although this realism is apparent on every instrument of every track, it is particularly stunning on vocals.  The sense of realism is so palpable that hearing vocals through the system produces an almost eerie feeling that another human presence has suddenly appeared in the room.  Surprisingly, every piece of music played creates the impression of hearing real instruments rather than a facsimile of them. Simply and utterly breathtaking.  This speaker must be heard to be truly understood.  These instruments are for those who have to own “The Best”.  Magico’s…… well…… Ultimate!


Now, let’s briefly describe the technical aspects of the Ultimate III.  Standing a few inches short of eight-feet tall and weighing in at more than 800 pounds apiece, the Magico’s Ultimate III is an all aluminum, five-way horn-loaded system.  In the active configuration, each of the Ultimate’s four horn drivers must be powered by its own amplifier, with an external active crossover dividing the frequency spectrum.  An additional amplifier channel is required (per side) to drive the direct-radiating woofer.  The two midrange horns (8" and 20", respectively) are machined from solid blocks of aircraft-grade aluminum, and then anodized to give them a subtle pearlescent glow.  The massive midbass horn, mounted at the top of the system, is made from .25"-aluminum reinforced by 56 machined-aluminum ribs that are hand-welded to the frame.  It takes more than two months to construct just one of these devices, and the machined parts are so big and intricate that only two machine shops in the country are capable of fabricating them.  The woofer and three of the horns (tweeter, upper-midrange, and midrange) are mounted in a 2"-thick slab of aluminum that acts as the baffle.  The precision with which the horns fit into this panel is remarkable.  At the throat of each horn is an ultra-expensive, high-sensitivity compression driver (as high as 115dB 1W/1m).  A support structure behind the baffle holds the horns and compression drivers in place.  The woofer is a conventional direct-radiating design (a horn-loaded woofer would have been too big) based on a custom Aura 15" driver with a neodymium magnet and 4" edgewound voice coil, and a peak-to-peak excursion of 2.5".  An engineering marvel of the highest order!

Product Description:


  •   (1) 15” Woofer, coupled with a 4,000 watt amplifier

  •   (2) 8” and 20” Midrange horns

  •   (1) (1) 4,000 Watt Amplifier

  •   (1) 15" Custom driver with a neodymium magnet

  •   Sensitivity: 115dB 1W/1m

  •   Impedance: 16 Ohms

  •   Frequency Response: 22Hz–33kHz


Additional Information:


  •   Height:  94"

  •   Width:  18" (footprint) - 48" (top)

  •   Depth:  42" (footprint) - 65" (top)

  •   Weight:  800 lbs. each (approximate)




  •   $600,000.00 / pair


If you are interested in this product or have questions, please call 1-714-630-4100.