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The Magico S7 speaker system is the largest and newest Magico speaker in the highly decorated S-series line in the Magico line up. The S7 speaker incorporates many cutting-edge designs derived from the ground breaking M-Project loudspeaker. Now, understand that Magico is a company that is class-leading in R & D, a true innovator, constantly pushing the edge of the art.  This statement has never been truer when you examine the all-new S7. Try this on for size:  an all-new tweeter, an all-new midrange driver, optimized high-excursion bass drivers, ultra-exotic crossover all in a 300-pound all-aluminum enclosure. Beastly to say the least.  


Let’s take a closer look at what makes the S7 so special. The S7 speaker system is a 3-way, floor standing, full-range speaker in an acoustic suspension all-aluminum cabinet (no ports). The cabinet is machined from ½ inch thick aluminum extrusions 16 inches in diameter.  The S7 incorporates a new 1 inch tweeter that features:


- Diamond-coated beryllium diaphragms with optimized geometry. This all new design was created using state-of-the art modeling tools.

- Neodymium based motor system which allows extra-long excursion movement and is optimized to match the power handling and sensitivity and power handling of the S7.

- Ultra-low distortion measurements.

- Ultra-wide dispersion characteristics.  


The S7 also sports all new midrange drivers.  The new drivers, 6” inches in diameter elevates the performance of the S7 to a new benchmark.  Some specific features of the new midrange drivers are:


- The all new cone material fabricated using Arkema Multi-Wall carbon nanotube and XG Sciences C-750 Nanographene.

- This new driver is 300 percent stiffer and 20 percent lighter than previous designs.

- The neodymium base motor system uses two extra-large magnets which provide an ultra-stabilized magnetic field for the pure titanium voice coil to operate within.

- The driver operates in a proprietary polymer sub enclosure, which dramatically reduces midrange distortion.


All new bass drivers:  the S7 incorporates 3 new 10” inch bass drivers.  The new woofer designs are capable of producing deep powerful bass with speed and accuracy. The excursion rate of the voice coil is measured at 15-mm linear movement and produces clean and undistorted sound pressure levels up to 120dB @ 50Hz / 1-meter.  Each woofer has:


- Extremely powerful magnets  

- Ultra - stiff aluminum cones


Crossover:  all 5 drivers in the S7 speaker system are beautifully orchestrated using Magico’s Elliptical Symmetry Crossover topology.  The crossover includes ultra exotic, class-leading components from companies such as Mundorf of Germany.  


The all-new S7 is available in 12 different color options: 6 MCAST finishes as well as 6 MCOAT finishes.  The Magico S7 will prove to be yet another benchmark achievement from the Magico design team.


Speaker Specifications:

~ Sensitivity: 89 db

~ Impedance: 4 ohms

~ Frequency Response: 20Hz–50KHz

~ Recommended Power: 50-1000

~ Dimensions: 56” (142cm) H x 20” (48cm) D x 25” (63cm) W

~ Weight: 300 lbs.



M-CAST (standard finish): $58,000 /pair

M-COAT (premium high-gloss finish): $64,000 /pair

If you are interested in this product or have questions, please call 1-714-630-4100.