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LCR80 is a flexible speaker design that can be placed in horizontal, vertical or shelf mounted orientations. Complete mounting hardware is supplied for all positions. Voiced to match XR50 and XR100 speakers, LCR80 may be used in any position to complete a 5 or 7 channel home theater systems or in special stereo applications. Fine gloss wood finishes are offered in Black, Pear Maple and Red Walnut. Amplifiers from 75 to 300 watts are appropriate power for LCR80.



• Impedance Nominal: 8 Ohms

• Power Rating: 75 to 300 Watts

• Frequency Response: 80Hz to 45kHz

• Sound Pressure Level, 2.8V/1m: 81dB

• Crossover: 500Hz, 8kHz

• Number of Woofers: 2

• Woofer Size: 6"

• Woofer Type: Cast Frame, LD/HP®, Poly Cone

• Number of Midranges: 2

• Midrange Size: 2"

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• Midrange Type: Inverted Titanium Dome

• Number of Tweeters: 1

• Tweeter Size: 3/4"

• Tweeter Type: Titanium Dome

• System Type: Sealed 3-Way Flexible Placement

• Grille: Black knit cloth, magnetically attached

• Available Finishes: Red Walnut, Black, Pear Maple

• Dimensions: 24" W x 8" H x 8-3/8" D

• Weight: 24 lbs