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Featuring a cool, 1960s retro design, the C22 has been updated to modern standards to deliver a performance on par with any other McIntosh preamp​. Electromagnetic input switching provides reliable, noiseless and distortion free operation. Low distortion levels of all types are less than 0.08%, allowing music to be presented with total transparency and accuracy.


A total of 10 inputs include 2 balanced and 6 unbalanced along with Moving Coil and Moving Magnet phono input sections with selectable resistance and capacitive loading so every phono cartridge and turntable​ can be perfectly matched to produce the best sound. Outputs are comprised of 1 set of balanced and 3 sets of unbalanced connections. Bass and Treble tone controls with bypass feature allow you to listen to your favorite songs at your preferred tonal balance. Power control outputs will turn a complete McIntosh system on or off using the front panel or remote control.


While featuring a retro look, timeless McIntosh design cues such as a partial black glass front panel, knobs and brushed aluminum end caps allows the C22 to seamlessly blend in with other McIntosh components to create one cohesive system.




• Total harmonic Distortion: 0.008%

• Frequency Response, +0, -3dB: 15Hz to 100,000Hz

• Maximum Volts Out (Balanced / Unbalanced): 16/8 V RMS

• Input Impedance (Balanced / Unbalanced): 20K ohm, 20K ohm

• Phono Voltage Gain: 60dB

• High Level Voltage Gain: 15dB

• Signal To Noise Ratio: 98dB

• 1/4" Headphone Output

• Inputs Unbalanced: 3 Stereo

• Inputs Balanced: 2 Stereo

• Variable Outputs Unbalanced: 2 Stereo

• Variable Outputs Balanced: 1 Stereo


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• Adjustable Phono Moving Magnet

• Adjustable Phono Moving Coil

• Bass and treble Tone Controls

• Tone Bypass

• Power Control Output: 2 Main 2 Switched

• 8 Rear Panel Data Ports

• Single Chassis

• Tube, 6ea. 12AX7a

• On, Power Consumption: 75 watts

• Dimensions: 17.5" W x 6" H x 18" D

• Weight: 27 lbs