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Gibraltar G-2 is the quickest large-scale sub-bass system we have ever created. While it gives up a small fraction of the deepest bass and the sense of sheer scale to its larger sibling, G-2 is quicker and still retains excellent extension. G-2 is possessed of a lovely combination of dimensions looking “just right” in every setting. At home in rooms of modest scale or when used in stacked multiples it is capable of fearsome output necessary for larger rooms. Power has been throttled back to a conservatively rated 450W which, when coupled with the superbly fast and tuneful 10” carbon fiber bass engine employed within, is a winning combination. Naturally, we retain the same world beating filter and crossover set as in G-1. Fast, phase-correct Bessel filters with completely separate inputs and filtering for .1/LFE are part of G-2’s magical presentation of music and Home Theater. And then there is that lovely cabinet with 13 coats of lacquer and ideal dimensional multiples that eliminate interior standing waves.


The massively beautiful, finned, alloy heatsink is necessary when dissipating the sorts of power necessary for hours of prodigious deep bass. Capable of outputting a conservative 450W the REL Class A/B amplifier used in G-2 is a masterpiece in its own right and is, in fact the amplifier from a G-1 with fewer output devices. Powerful fast and incisive, it is the finest amplifier topology ever designed by REL engineers.


Power is of little use unless properly directed. The filter circuit used in G-2 is the fastest we know of in existence. Measured at just 4 milliseconds of group delay, this analog design features a 2nd order Bessel function crossover that starts as low as 20 Hz, necessary because G-2 can extend lower than that in many rooms. Additionally, REL employs a secondary filter set at approximately 220Hz to roll off any remnants of midrange that might otherwise be audible.


G-2 possesses a dedicated Dolby .1 LFE input with its own 4th order crossover set at the Dolby mandated 120Hz and we outfit this circuit with its own separate volume control allowing G-2 to simultaneously reproduce the deepest bass for main speakers as well as home theater signals, all without having to invest in separate subs for each purpose. Additionally, G-2 provides independent volume for High level as well as .1 for perfect flexibility.


The 10” bass engine fitted to every G-2 features ultra light, stiff carbon fiber — the same material used to craft racecar chassis – light weight results in greater speed. Power is handled by a large 4-layer Kapton voice coil capable of dissipating 500 watts, while the superior travel of the long-throw high energy suspension produces awe inspiring volume levels in your home.


As with all modern REL designs, REL Acoustics is singularly conscious that G-2 customers demand designs as comfortable gracing the interiors of the finest homes as winning lavish praise from the most critical reviewer. G-2’s form is simple, lovely and elegant, while the solid aluminum feet, badge and thick solid back panel all speak to the quality and simplicity of truly timeless design.

Features and Specs:


• Type: Closed box, front firing woofer

• Drive Unit: 10in., 250mm long throw, carbon fiber cone

• Lower Frequency Response In Room:- 6dB at 18Hz

• Input Connectors: High-Level Neutrik Speakon, Low-Level stereo phono, LFE phono, LFE XLR

• Output Connectors: High – Level Neutrik Speakon, LFE phono, LFE XLR

• Gain Control Range: 80 dB

• Power Output: 450 Watts (RMS) Ultra High – Current Power Supply

• Phase Switch: Yes, 0 or 180 degrees

• Amplifier Type: Class AB

• Fully Electronic with SET-SAFE: Yes

• DC Fault: Yes

• Output Short: Yes

• Mains Input Voltage: 220 -240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets

• Mains Fuse: 5 Amp semi delay 230 volts operation,10 Amp semi delay 115 volts operation

• Dimensions (WHD), Including Feet: 20x16.4x24 in. (508.8x417.3x610.4mm)

• Net Weight: 84lbs (38.1kg)



MSRP $ 3,499.00 – G/2



If you are interested in this product, have questions, or want to schedule an audition, please call 1-714-630-4100.