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Recently a growing number of music enthusiasts have rediscovered the extraordinary sonic performance of analog tape. In support of this analog tape revival Sonorus Audio is introducing the ATR10 Analog Tape Reproducer, a newly designed tape playback machine that meets the highest demands of the music and audio devotee. The ATR10 combines the proven performance and reliability of Studer/ReVox mechanical parts with brand new electronics, designed to meet the highest performance expectations of modern High End audio equipment. Regulated tape tension and strategically placed rolling tape guides provide the same stable tape transport as professional studio tape machines, while carefully designed vacuum tube based playback electronics result in an unprecedented dynamic range combined with the total absence of any type of electronic coloration of the sound. The result is a playback system that coupled with the finest quality source material available today, is capable of providing a level of realism that gives the listener the sense of being present at the live music performance in it's original venue.





• Compact single box Plug and Play solution

• Built-in Vacuum Tube playback electronics

• Stable performance for years to come due to

 Automatic tube set point adjustment

• Wireless Remote control

• Newly designed tape drive electronics

• Regulated tape tension

• 1/4” 2 track (also available in 4 track)

• Selectable tape speeds: 7.5 and 15ips

 (Also available with 3.75 and 7.5ips)

• Selectable EQ: NAB and IEC

• Self-centering NAB spindles

• Library Wind





Standard SonoruS ATR10:   $18950



If you are interested in this product or have questions, please call 1-714-630-4100.



If you are interested in this product or have questions, please call 1-877-618-9202.